How do you spend Christmas Day in Japan? Well, I enjoyed Kyoto authentic seasonal event :)

I wish you Happy Holidays, everyone 🙂
I know it’s a Christmas Day today, and many people in Japan also enjoy Christmas atmosphere in town.

Last year, I wrote: How do you cerebrate Christmas in Japan?
It seems many people are curious about it.

But actually, this year, enjoyed Kyoto authentic seasonal event.
At the Kitano-Tenmangu shrine, on the 25th of each month, there is a street market called “Tenjin-san’s Festival” and there’s lots of antique shops of Kimonos, dishes, kitchen wears, cloths, foods etc.

After I saw lots of stuff, I got this second hand Kimono. They charged me only 1,500yen (about 15 USD) Amazing! I don’t surprise they even add two more zero if it is a new one, or different material, like silk.


If you have chance to come to Kyoto 25th of the month, I highly recommend you to go to the street market 
Kitano-Tenmangu Shine

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