About Me & Online Japanese Lesson

Hello. I’m Akari.
I’m a native Japanese speaker, online Japanese language teacher, and English speaking tour guide in Kyoto, Japan.

Until now, I’ve taught over 1,500 Japanese lessons for 280 students since April 2013. I really enjoy this job, and I feel this job is my calling.

I believe learning new language make us rich in many aspects, and open the door to the new world. Let’s learn new culture, history, values, and language itself together!

My LinkedIn profile: https://jp.linkedin.com/in/akarimurata

I’m teaching Japanese online on these two sites.
You can find me either of these sites or you can contact me directly.

★ italki
I’ve taught over 1,500 lessons for 280 students since April 2013
(You can get 10USD worth points by clicking this link, join italki, and take lessons because you considered as my friend. It’s referral link.)

★ Verbling
I’ve taught over 300 lessons for 200 students since Sep 2014.
(If you sign up and buy 10 lessons, you’ll earn an extra $30 in Verbling Credit for future lessons.)

(In case you contact me directly, information is here ↓)

■Lesson Fee
30 USD / hour
I accept fee via Paypal or Payoneer.

You can choose
5 lessons package: 5×30=150USD
10 lessons package: 10×30=300USD

■Online Lesson

We can use Skype, Google hangouts, or FaceTime and Skype for the lesson.

■Cancellation Policy

Please book my lesson at least 24 hours in advance.
(For the first lesson, please send me an email two days before the first lesson.)

If you cancel lesson within 24 hours of the lesson’s start, please send me 50% of the fee.

■Introduction Video

If you interested in my online Japanese lesson, please give me email to:

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