Akari’s Airbnb experiences

A and B are online Airbnb experience using zoom.
①〜⑦ is my Airbnb experiences & private tour.

Online Airbnb experiences.

A. Make a fun itinerary in Kyoto with local Host

B. The Makanai World, Take a Look at Maiko-san’s Life


① The Makanai world – see dance and take photos w/ Maiko-san

スクリーンショット 0005-01-13 23.43.43

around ¥30,000yen per person.
(Which is around 230USD per person when it’s 1USD=130yen.)
2.5 hours. 3pm-5:30pm.
Tea and sweets are included.
✳︎ Before you book this experience, please read below

・This experience is for 2-5 people.
Sorry, but we don’t open this experience to one person.

・I need to check Maiko-san & Fan studio (venue) availability.
So please send me a message about what day you would like to book.

・Once you book, basically please do not cancel.
Please respect Maiko-san’s business.
7 days before the experience, no refund.

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②The Makanai world, Gion walk & Apéritif/Digestif

スクリーンショット 0005-01-13 23.46.35

around ¥11,000yen per person.
Which is $83 USD when 1 USD=130yen.
2 hours.
5:00-7:00pm, or 7:30-9:30pm
One drink at a bar is included.
Except solo traveler.

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③ Private tour/ Antique shopping, Gion day walk, and Matcha

スクリーンショット 0005-01-13 23.44.50

around ¥28,000yen per group (max 3 people)
2.5 hours
One Matcha and sweets are in included.

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④ Private customized tour based on your request

スクリーンショット 0005-01-13 23.46.49

around ¥30,000 yen per group (max.6 people)
Which is around $230 USD per group.
3 hours.
9:30am-12:30pm, or 1:30-4:30pm.

*This tour will be “Cherry Blossom Hunt tour” on March 20-April 10th.
*If you want to hire taxi, please let me know in three days before the tour.
It’s about 15,600yen for three hours.

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⑤ Imperial family residence and Zen feeing cafe

スクリーンショット 0005-01-13 23.44.04

around ¥11,000 yen per person.
Which is around $83USD per person. When 1USD=130yen.
3 hours. 1:30-4:30pm.
Drinks & sweets are included.

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⑥ Green Tea town relax half day tour

スクリーンショット 0005-01-13 23.45.56

around ¥34,000yen per group (max.3 people)
Which is around $260USD. When 1USD=130yen
3.5hours. 11:00am-2:30pm.
Lunch & Tea are included.

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⑦ Explore Sake culture in a cozy town

スクリーンショット 0005-01-13 23.45.38
around ¥23,500yen per group. (max. 3 people)
Which is around $180USD. Which is 1USD=130yen
Lunch and sake museum ticket fee are included.

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★ My profile on Airbnb


② https://www.airbnb.jp/users/show/259187931

If you interested in any of my tours, but couldn’t find available day, please send me a message.