TEDx Kyoto 2016

I did a volunteer staff of TEDx Kyoto 2016 last month.
It was awesome experience.

I originally watched TED Talks video when I was in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. I was attending WISE, Women Interested in Successful Employment, Job Search Strategy and Career Planning Course in September, 2012. In the course, they show some TED Talks. One of my favorite is Neil Pasricha “The 3 A’s of awesome”, and since then I was interested in TED Talks and TEDx events.

TEDx Kyoto 2016 was my first time to experience TEDx event on live. One difference was on lives, I felt the speakers nervous feeling from their voice, acts, and behavior, and could share their feeling more.

There’s many wonderful talks, but one of my favorite talks from TEDx Kyoto 2016 was Mr. Kaz Yamaguchi’s amazing video.

The couple went world travel for their honeymoon because they wanted to do something unforgettable in their life. They used drone to keep their memory from the trip. You’ll see how beautiful the world is.

Here’s he’s video. Check it out. It’s very cool and touching 😉
Honeymoon Traveler

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