How do you spend Christmas Day in Japan? Well, I enjoyed Kyoto authentic seasonal event :)

I wish you Happy Holidays, everyone 🙂
I know it’s a Christmas Day today, and many people in Japan also enjoy Christmas atmosphere in town.

Last year, I wrote: How do you cerebrate Christmas in Japan?
It seems many people are curious about it.

But actually, this year, enjoyed Kyoto authentic seasonal event.
At the Kitano-Tenmangu shrine, on the 25th of each month, there is a street market called “Tenjin-san’s Festival” and there’s lots of antique shops of Kimonos, dishes, kitchen wears, cloths, foods etc.

After I saw lots of stuff, I got this second hand Kimono. They charged me only 1,500yen (about 15 USD) Amazing! I don’t surprise they even add two more zero if it is a new one, or different material, like silk.


If you have chance to come to Kyoto 25th of the month, I highly recommend you to go to the street market 
Kitano-Tenmangu Shine

How do you cerebrate Christmas in Japan?

Some of my students asked me
“How do you cerebrate Christmas in Japan?”
Well, good question.

I would say, for most of Japanese people,
Christmas is a foreign festival, so it’s more like a commercial holidays.

*About religion in Japan, you can read
What is Japanese people’s religion?

There’s some Christian in Japan.
Also, there’s many Christian kindergartens,
schools, universities.
I myself went to christian University and I’ve worked YMCA for a while, so
I know the basic ideas of Christianity.
So most of the people in Japan knows it’s a birth day of Jesus Christ, but
for most of them, it’s not religious holiday, but just foreign festival.

Especially 1980’s and 90’s, when Japan’s economy was good,
Many companies try to advertise Christmas as
“Day to spend time with your someone special” and then,
somewhat they interpret Christmas as day for lovers.

Then jewelry shop tried to sell jewelry,
Cake shop tied to sell “Christmas cake”
KFC tried to sell “Christmas Chicken”

Luckily, I could spend warm authentic Christmas holidays in Prince Edward, Canada.
I got handmade cookies, scarf, and mittens from my coworkers, went to Church for Christmas Eve Mass,
and was invited my friends family gathering.
I prefer these warm authentic Christmas rather than commercial one.

Although, we do have warm authentic family gathering holidays in Japan, too.
It’s new years holiday.
I’ll write about it next time.

(the photo is Christmas tree at a super market in Japan)

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