My favorite Japanse film list

My favorite Japanese film lists

I’d like to introduce some Japanese films or TV show that you might find online.
Please check it out!

■ Youtube (most of the time, you can find them on Youtube)

“Departures” (movie, great one)

“Grave of the Fireflies” (movie, must watch)

“Why did you come to Japan” (TV show, interview people who just arrived Narita airport, Tokyo)

musician, “Monkey Majik”
(pop rock band consisting of two Canadian and two Japanese members who sing both languages)

G@me (movie)

■ Movie (Netflix, iTune video, or library etc)
– Jiro dreams of Sushi (documentary of Sushi chef)
– Castle in the Sky ( Director Hayao Miyazaki anime)
– My neighbor Totoro (Director Hayao Miyazaki anime)

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