Trip Plan to Kyoto, Japan

If I get a chance to make a travel plan in Kyoto, Japan for you,

Early in the morning, go to Nishiki Market. You’ll enjoy various kinds of vegetables, fish, foods, or traditional sweets. Buy something and eat there must be memorable breakfast.

Then, rent a bike and go to Ginkakuji tempel. You’ll enjoy a quiet air and garden. Walk “Philosopher’s Path”. if it’s spring time, cherry blossom are so beautiful there. Then, soon you’ll arrive Nanzenji temple.

After enjoy seeing Nanzenji temple, why don’t you go to Kamo- river. You’ll surprise how peaceful the scenery is, and the river side is quite good ride course. Gion area is near from Kamo river side. If you are lucky, you’ll see Maiko or Geisha walking with grace. There, enjoy traditional Japanese restaurants.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the day 🙂

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