A two minutes TV commercial made me cry

Just before I started my lesson, I saw someone’s post taking about a TV commercial.

I thought I have had enough time to see two minutes video, but I shouldn’t have!  Because it made me cry.

I think all new language learners can share this feeling.
Watch this, and tell me how you feel.
I think it’s beautiful.

2 thoughts on “A two minutes TV commercial made me cry

  • Very, very touching. I have almost cried myself and I do like being moved that way for so good reasons. You made my day. Thanks for this sharing. どうもありがとうございました and greetings from France by an absolute beginner in japanese (日本語素晴らしいです ^_^).

    • Thank you for your massage. Every time I watch this, it made me cry. Beautiful.
      Happy to get greetings from France. France is one of the countries I always wanted to visit. 🙂

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