Do you know “Kintsugi”?

Do you know “Kintsugi”?
If you break your favorite mag, cup, glass, or pottery, what do you do?
You feel disappoint and give up?

Here’s wonderful solution for that.
That is Kintsugi technique.
Kintsugi is the ancient technique of restoring cracks and chips in pottery with gold and urushi—Japanese lacquer.
It is surprising that in Jomon period (14,000 – 300 BC), people already using this technique to restoring cracks and chips in pottery in Japan.

I thought it’s very interesting, and really impressed the idea of kintsugi. By using urushi and gold leaf, you can make beautiful one more than the original like this below:

The other day, I experienced workshop which I make an original incense dish with gold leaf decorations, similar experience of kintsugi, taught by Mr. Kiyokawa, a lacquer restoration artist.

then I made this:

So I made airbnb experience tour that people can experience this and small tour around the place:

Last week, a lady from France who take my Japanese lessons come to Kyoto with her husband and experienced this tour.

We had lot of fun 🙂

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