Japanese TV drama “Ossan’s Love”

These few weeks, I was obsessed with a Japanese TV drama,
“Ossan’s Love”.
It’s a love comedy, but concepts and how they show the character’s feeling  was very new and caught my heart!

For many years, I don’t have TV. When I want to watch some TV program, I’ll find it or buy it online.

This time, I saw the drama online, but I also enjoy reading other people’s reaction on Twitter too. I found very good review about the drama on Twitter, and enjoyed reading them too. It’s kind of new way to enjoy TV these few years.

I’m not sure you can find the drama online now, but if you can find it, I recommend you to watch this. This drama makes you laugh, smile, and cry.
Then, please read this blog. It’s touching.
Mr. Yoshiaki Yokogawa’s review about this drama ↓(in Japanese):




There’s lots of amazing lines I enjoyed on this drama, but this is one of the best and they described it on the drama.
I probably watch this over and over again 🙂

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