I’m addicted to “Shiro & Suki”

Do you know about the Shiba inu couple, “Shiro and Suki”?  I’m addicted to watching them recently. You can find them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl_Ivm5DNAXYmBJQZa1atoA

I started following them on Youtube about a year ago. They are so cute and emotional.

Suki (the female dog) just gave birth to puppies, and it’s her third litter. Just like her second litter, Shiro (the male dog) was so caring, and be he was with Suki the entire time she was a pregnant. When she had her puppies , however, he became very jealous that the babies got all of Suki’s attention. He didn’t seem to understand they were their babies. His confusion and expressions were really funny.

This is the best reality drama I’ve ever seen! I usually don’t watch reality dramas, but I’m now addicted and watch their videos nearly every day. I especially like that they live in Malta. I loved going to Greece, so I’m sure Malta is also very beautiful.

Since I’m an Airbnb experience host, I wonder if there’s an Airbnb experience to “Meet Suki & Shiro and their hooman!” (Yes, I know this is misspelled, but they use this.) If there is, I would love to do it.

I also wonder why the dogs have Japanese names? Of course, Shiba inu is a Japanese origin dog, which has been with hoomans since the Jomon period (14,000–300 BC). If it’s because their hoomans respect their origin, I think it’s lovely!

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