Startup Weekend Kyoto 2017

Last weekend, I joined the event “Startup Weekend Kyoto 2017”.
We gathered Friday night, had pitch, made team and start making
new business ideas through Saturday and Sunday, then had presentation on Sunday night.

I joined the event last year for the first time.
One of the reason I’m interested in Startup is because
italki and Verbling, which I registered as an online Japanese teacher are both Startup companies.
Especially italki, I’ve seen the company from the very early stage, I really amaze how fast it growing, and changed peoples life in better ways.

Actually, it changed my life. Online Japanese teaching is now my main job, and I’m feeling “This is the job!” everyday. I really like it.
Through this job I can get to know amazing people across the world.

Online language teacher didn’t exist ten years ago. When I traveled Greece in 2005, I really liked Greece, so that I tried to learn Greek, but I couldn’t find the way to learn. I couldn’t find language school in my town, and couldn’t find good books to learn.
But now, I can learn any languages from my room. That’s really amazing.

So I really appreciate and curious new business model.

If you have chance to come to Kyoto, how about join “Startup Weekend Kyoto”? Next one held in September.

Or if you can stay longer, I highly recommend to join this course,
“Kyoto Startup Summer School 2017”

Kyoto is nice place to visit. There’s lots of places to see.
But if you want to have more deeper experience, I really recommend to attend these kinds of events. You can make local and international friends, you can get new ideas, and you might start new business! 😉

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