A Chance to See Maiko in Gion, Kyoto

Tonight, I went Gion, Kyoto with my guests from the US.
After dinner, we saw a Maiko came out from a traditional Kyoto house.
We were so excited. Then on another street, we saw other Maiko walking toward us.
She looked very elegant.

%e7%94%bb%e5%83%8f-039Tonight, we were lucky. We can’t always see them.
Even when we see them, we should look at them silently. Don’t stop them, don’t talk to them. They’re heading to their workplace.

Maikos and geishas, they are professional performers. For many years, they learned Japanese dance, singing, musical instruments, and tea ceremony. A maiko is a trainee, and a geisha is a professional one.
Their hairstyle, how to wear a kimono, and geta (wooden clogs) are different.

Come to Gion, Kyoto. If you’re lucky, you can see them. But even though you see them, please leave them alone.

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