Why people in Japan love Sakura so much?

Sakura (Cherry blossom) starts blooming in my town.
A few days ago, I got friend from overseas, so I bring her to the Kumamoto castle.
Photo 3-24-16, 14 21 37 (1)

In this season, like weather forecast, we can see Sakura forecast on TV, they can tell us about when Sakura start blooming, when the full- bloom etc. Also we have Hanami (Sakura viewing) Party, like picnic, we eat and drink under the Sakura trees.

Maybe you’ll wonder why people in Japan are so crazy about Sakura. I think there’s four reasons.

1. It last only a few weeks.
We enjoyed short-live beauty of Sakura.

2. It bloom in a start season.
Sakura start blooming around first week of April. It’s the time for new class of school or company’s business calendar starts in Japan. Many companies have Hanami party as a welcoming new staff party.

3. We love how they gone.
When Sakura gone, it’s so beautiful to finish their beauty. It flies softly and looks elegant. People who saw the movie “Last Samurai” remember the last scene. When the samurai pass away, Sakura flies softly. That tries to show an idea of gone beautifully.

4. We love the color of Sakura
Most of the Sakura flower color are soft slight pink color. We’ll see cute, beauty, elegance in it.

Photo 3-24-16, 14 09 40

That’s why we love 桜、さくら、Sakura.

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