Vending Machine in Japan

Happy New Year 2016!
(I’ve been busy these days, and I haven’t update my blog recently. Anyway,
May 2016 bring us happiness :))

One year pasted after I came back to Japan from Atlantic Canada.
Recently I realized I often forget to bring my thermos  with me when I go outside.
When I was working in Atlantic Canada, I put tea or coffee in it, and bring it to my work place. But in Japan, thanks to the vending machine, I feel like “I can get something to drink anywhere, so that’s ok”.

Buy I feel bit guilty when I buy something to drink from vending machine,
especially plastic bottle one. I don’t want to waste energy as much as possible.

Anyway, we can find vending machine anywhere in Japan. We have unique one- the one with emergency alarm, the one you can open and can drink freely when natural disaster happens, or digital one etc.

The video below I found on Youtube was shoot five years ago, but still fun to watch 🙂

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