English Speaking Tour Guide in Kyoto

I’ve lived in Kyoto over five years in total. I’ve guide over one hundred groups so far. According to your requests, I’ll bring you beautiful and interesting places in Kyoto that only local people know.

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★Akari’s Tour Guide fee in Kyoto (or other parts of Japan)

120 USD or 12,000 yen/Half Day (3-4 hours a day)
240 USD or 24,000 yen/ All Day (7-8 hours a day)

You can decide how long you want me to guide you.
30 USD or 3,000yen/ per hour +a meal, transportation, and entrance fee

for one group, like a family group, or a couple.

If you want me to pick you up at the Kyoto station, or the airport, I can do that.
Let me know.

★Tour ideas in Kyoto
(It’s just an idea for your information, so if you already decided where to go, what to do, and need a guide or interpreter just let me know that.)

Half day tour (3-4 hours)

1. Fushimi Sake tour
Fushimi is know for Sake. There’re about twenty sake breweries in the area. We’ll visit three different sake breweries, for hundred years old, three hundred years old, one hundred years old one. We can enjoy sake tasting as well.





2. Uji Macha tour
Uji is know for Macha, green tea powder. There are lots of traditional tea company there. We can also visit Byodoin temple (World Heritage). We c
an enjoy Matcha making and drinking fresh Macha.



3. Bar Hopping tour in Gion
We can visit Izakaya (Japanese bar, but family friendly. Kids can also join) and I guide you my friend whisky bar that have lots of Japanese famous whisky, or we can go to wine bar where we have a chance to see Maiko and Geiko.





4. Japanese supermarket and Kissaten, Japanese cafe tour
Shall we explore big, local super market with local guide? You’ll find unique vegetable, fruits, and snacks and we can buy and can try. In Kyoto, there’s lots of unique and good Kissaten, cafe. We can try branch or lunch there too.

5. Finding antique tour
There’s pretty street that you can visit, traditional tea shop, Japanese paper shop, kimono antique shop, delicious bread shop, and cafe. We can explore around there and find treasures.

6. Kintsugi workshop and Daitokuji temple
Kintsugi is traditional Japanese culture. You can experience this beautiful culture and can experience this tequique together.

Full day tour (7-8 hours)

A. Fushimi sake and Uji macha tour (1+2)
B. Fushimi sake and Fushimi Inari shine tour
C. You can pick up from 1-6+ requested places
D. Requested places all day

We can talk on Skype before you come and decide where to go, and I can send you some maps, local travel magazine if you like.

★ How to pay
Please send me the fee on PayPal before you come.

If you’re interested in taking my tour please feel free to contact me. Thank you.