Tour guide in Kyoto

(I’d like to offer this service only who took my lessons. After we know each other, I’d like to escort where to go in Kyoto.)

I’ve live in Kyoto over three years. I used to work for tour company, and I enjoy traveling around so that I’ve been to almost all the touristic places, and hotels in Kyoto city.

For the people who took my lesson, I’m happy to meet and go to coffee together, because it’s one of my happiest moments to actually “meet” the person if I have free time when you come.

But if you want me to guide you around in Kyoto whole day, you can hire me as a tour escort. I’m happy to show you around my favorite places in Kyoto.








★Tour Guide in Kyoto

90 USD/4 hours a day +lunch or dinner fee,
180 USD/ 8 hours a day+Lunch or dinner fee

for one group, like a family group, or a couple.

If you want me to pick you up at Kyoto Station,
I come pick you up, and send you off to your hotel if you’re staying hotel in Kyoto city.
In that case,

★Pick up service at Kyoto station
30 USD +transportation  fee

☆How to pay
You can send me the fee on Paypal before you come.
(Lunch fee, Transportation fee, Entrance fee, you can pay when you arrive)

I’ll talk to you before you come, and I’ll guide you around not only well know places, but also local favorite places 🙂