Advice for travelers

◆For Travelers to Japan, here’s some website I recommend to check:

Japan guide


Explore Japan

One of my student has awesome travel diary blog
“Trip to Japan”

My friend, Elizabeth started Be Here Travel to bring visitors to lesser known destinations in Japan. She’s amazing women who starts business in Japan. Here is her website.

◆Some tips for traveler

①Credit card:
Japan is cash society. Some store or restaurant don’t accept credit card, so it’s better to prepare cash all the time. Most common credit card is Visa, Master and JCB.

You can’t find free wifi easily in Japan, so it’s better to prepare wifi.
My recommendation is rental Pocket wifi. You can order online, and it’ll arrive your accommodation, then when you return, you can post it from post office/box.
You can use this coupon cord:500BRCD

They recognize you as my friend and they send 500yen worth QUO card with Wifi with you. QUO card, you can use it at a convenience store in Japan.

③IC card
It’s so convenient to have IC card like SUICA card (Tokyo area), ICOCA card (Kyoto, Osaka area). You can ride on subway, bus, train and also can use at a convenience store and some vending machine. You don’t need to check the fare for you destination each time.
Here’s good explanation about IC card. (Please check the video)
SUKCA can use in Kyoto or Osaka as well, and ICOCA can use in Tokyo as well. So you just need to buy one for each person.

④Please stop at the red signal:
I know some country, people walk even the signal is red, but Japan obviously more populated and more traffic. Please follow the signal rights.

⑤Eating inside the supermarket/convenient store are not allowed:
Walking around, shopping and eating is not allowed in Japan. If you want to eat something, you eat after you finish shopping.

⑥It’s nice to have handkerchief:
People in Japan carry handkerchief, so that you won’t find hand towels in a bathroom. It’s better to have handkerchief with you.

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