I reached 1,000 lessons today \(^o^)/ 

Today I reached 1,000 lessons on italki.
\(^o^)/ Yahoo!

I started using italki from 2012, then I registered as a
Japanese teacher April 2013.
Though italki, I met amazing people. Some of them visited me in Japan, and
we went coffee, or meal and chat face to face, “off-line” 😉

I feel so lucky that I could meet this community.
My next goal is 3,000 lessons.
Also I’m looking forward to meeting amazing people and exchange knowledge through languages.

Thank you very much italki community, staff, and all the people who took my lessons.
I’ll keep improving my skill as an Japanese language teacher and also as a member of italki community 😀
Arigato (^o^)/


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