Spring has come in Japan 春が来た

Yesterday was “春分の日”(しゅんぶんのひ、shun-bun no hi, Vernal Equinox Day), it was national holiday in Japan.

I had some lessons, but weather was so good, so I decided to go to the flower park, and have a lesson out side. The flowers starts blooming and very pretty. I saw many family and couples enjoy doing picnic, taking a walk, and taking pictures of flowers.

写真 2016-03-20 14 51 43

写真 2016-03-20 14 58 22
I’m watching this scenery and had lesson 🙂 So relaxing.


This flower park are attached with zoo, so after the lesson, I went say hi to the animals.

写真 2016-03-20 16 33 57

In this season, on TV, they starts board casting not only weather forecast, but also “Sakura (Cherry Blossom) forecast” in Japan. According to the Sakura forecast on TV, sakura starts blooming today in Tokyo. It’ll be full-bloom on March 31st there.

Sakura is very special flower for people in Japan. I go take pictures of Sakura soon and show you next time.

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