Let’s talk about Kyoto in English and Japanese

My friend, Erika and I organize “Let’s talk about Kyoto in English and Japanese” event twice a month. From this year, we’d like to welcome not only English learner but also Japanese leanrer who like to speak about Kyoto in Japanese. Delicious coffee and lunch also included for the fee.

Oct 6th  Urushi, Japanese lacquer
Oct 27th Autumn leaves

Nov 10th, Haiku
Nov 24, Ise Jingu Shrine

Dec. Shikoku Pilgrimage
Dec 22th, Japanese Lamps

Please feel free to join us.

(in Japanese)


10/6 漆
10/27 紅葉

11/10 俳句
11/24 伊勢神宮

12/8 お遍路
12/22 日本のあかり